In the ten reasons why you must have one they've listed that it's "better looking than some of your co-workers" and that "It's an excuse for the cute guy in your office to talk to you.

Everyday life can be hard and boring, world may be chaotic and stressful... why not lighten up your or somebody's day with cool, fun gift that is sure to put a smile on everybody's face every time they look at it or work on it!

this keyboard to the office will more than likely elicit some awkward stares and certainly make sure you're not taken seriously. I mean, the delete key is labeled 'Oops!,' the enter key says 'Yes! I Want It!,' and the tab key, one of my personal favorites when filling out online shopping forms—I am a girl after all—is adorned with the label of 'Useless Key.

How many of the buttons on a regular keyboard do you actually use? can anyone really explain all the meanings of all the keys? even business professionals? why not replace them with fun keys and get a head start with learning some new cool text message abbreviations!