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Thread: Airtel Voice SMS Services

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    Airtel Voice SMS Services

    Yes, we are talking about the new Airtel Voice SMS commercial that you must have come across on TV which says “I Miss you so much, It hurts….”
    Now forget typing and sending just text messages. Now you can record your message, song or just voice, in any language of your choice and send to a friend. Airtel recently launched this unique “talk and listen” Voice SMS service.

    Here is how it works: to send a message, the user dials “*” followed by the recipient’s number, and leaves a message up to 29 seconds long. The service then sends an SMS notification to the receiver, who dials “*0*” to hear the message. The service is charged at 75 paise per SMS. Airtel customers, on receiving a Voice SMS, could hear it free of cost for the first time. The voice SMS can be stored in the archives too. To retrieve it from the archive, the user would have to press “*1*” for which he/she would be charged 75 paise per message. When the message is sent to a non-Airtel number, the user can retrieve the voice SMS by dialling a 10-digit number that he receives on his mobile. This will be an outgoing call for him, charged according to the rate plan. The voice SMS service will be available for Airtel customers in the State and can be sent to all mobile networks in the circle.

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    Re: Airtel Voice SMS Services

    It is useful when individuals are struggling with typing a message in a big hurry, or faced with a lengthy or complicated message.

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