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Thread: Auto on pc wifi hotspot on every boot

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    Auto on pc wifi hotspot on every boot

    I am having a cable internet connection of 4mbps. I am not having a router at my home. But I have a usb wifi dongle. And through that I can connect my mobile and tablet. Now I want some way through which I can turn not his hotspot automatically whenever I turn on my pc. By default I have to manually turn it on. If I am out, my sister is unable to use the internet. As she is not so good in using computers. I want some way or settings through which I can auto enable the Wifi hotspot whenever someone turn on my pc. Is there a software for that. I am using Windows 10.

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    Re: Auto on pc wifi hotspot on every boot

    There are many software that you can use for this purpose. And you can use it for sharing your internet connection. I think you must use virtual router. Virtual Router is a free software through which you can enable wifi hotspot and it will work automatically when you turn on your pc. Just do not disconnect the internet connection on shutdown. Also you have to disable the power settings of your pc. If your pc goes on safe mode the internet connection will stop working. So you have to enable it back again manually. You can disable the sleep mode of your system.

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    Re: Auto on pc wifi hotspot on every boot

    It can be done through virtual router software. I think this one is the best to use. I am using this on my laptop from past 6 months and there is no issue at all. It works really fine. Whenever I turn on the pc the software keeps the hotspot on. There is one thing you can do. You can try using a portable usb dongle that can allow you to create a wifi hotspot. Once the settings are applied you don't have to configure it again and again. It will work fine you can share the internet on your tablet or smartphone easily. It provides you a faster speed compare to software based sharing.

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