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    getting redirected to

    From last couple of days if I am opening any website on Firefox like or some other and when I make a click anywhere on the webpage then a new tab will open automatically and it will redirect me to a new website everytime. After checking the url address it is showing me it as**** and so on. I have tried to look into the Uninstall a program but cannot find anything listed to it. Also while scanning with antivirus no results come up. So if anyone knows how to remove this, please tell me. Thank you

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    Re: getting redirected to

    You should try to download and install AdwCleaner to get rid of the browser hijacker. It is powerful tool that allows you to remove spyware, adware and other malware equivalent from the computer. A program that is not intended as an alternative to a virus itself, but rather a complement to it, to be used as a verification system that is further to be used when the antivirus does not seem to be able to eradicate all threats.

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    Re: getting redirected to

    Another good tool would be Hitman Pro which is able to analyze any system where other antivirus and anti-malware are already installed and has no conflict with any of them. The program, in fact, does not even need to be installed: simply double-click on its executable to start a scan. The anti-malware features a scan engine capable of carrying out analysis of any suspicious malware installed and removes it quickly.

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    Re: getting redirected to

    I think that it might be an add-on that is installed in the web browsers, so you will need to open Firefox and go to its Extension area and check if any weird add-ons is installed. Just remove it completely and then try to restart your pc. If the problem persists then uninstall the browser completely and download Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool from this link - and run in in your infected computer. After the scanning is done, restart you computer and check again.

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