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Thread: Slow file transfer on Windows lan through Teracopy

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    Slow file transfer on Windows lan through Teracopy

    I am using Teracopy to transfer files in my pc. I am on a network where there are 4 more pc. Among which one has all the videos and movies. I tried copying some files from that pc to mine. But it takes a really long time. By default whenever I start file transfer, Teracopy starts up. And copy is stable on the same. But on network it is very slow. I am getting a speed which is less than a mb. I am trying to copy some 3GB of files which shows me hours to complete. Can I increase this speed through some way. I am quiet annoyed with this problem. The lan speed is very slow.

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    Re: Slow file transfer on Windows lan through Teracopy

    It happens sometime in Windows you will not be able to get a decent file transfer speed. For that you have to first update your network drivers. This matters a lot. You can find the network driver on the official site of your motherboard manufacturer. Just try finding that first and install that in your system. If you are having the latest drivers then it will be lot more easier for you to manage your files. Old drivers affect the speed causing everything to work slow. Try copying a few files first. Do not just copy all of them together. Sometime the drive is slow and cause issue with speed.

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    Re: Slow file transfer on Windows lan through Teracopy

    In my case I am having Windows 7 and I move around 5GB of data daily from my pc to other one. And it takes hours to complete. But when I switched on the cable from wifi, the speed increased a lot. Here there are many things that can affect the file transfer speed. It can be old network driver, it can be slow hard drive, etc. You first try to update the drivers and then test back. If that does not help then try keeping the file in some other location. And test. If you are on wifi then it is better to use a cable for file copying. Because that would be more faster.

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