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Thread: Entry level Router with 4 USB ports

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    Entry level Router with 4 USB ports

    I cannot find a entry level router that has high number of usb ports. The max I can see is 2 usb ports. I want this to share some files on the lan directly. Also it can act as a place where I can keep my backup files with minimum effort. I want atleast 4usb ports on the same. Most of the high end routers having higher number of ports and it is out of my budget. I am already having one with me. I want to replace it with another one. Here range is not really needed. Nor any extra features required. But if the router is having modem also then it will be helpful to me.

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    Re: Entry level Router with 4 USB ports

    Checkout iBall 300M MIMO Wireless-N Router - iB-WRB300N. This router is having 4 usb ports. It is not a very great model, but as you are looking for 4 usb ports then this one will fulfill your requirement. The router has a basic design. It comes with two antenna and 4 ports on the back. Before buying I will advice you to check once the usb device compatibility with the router. There are chances that some usb dongles will not work. You can find the details on its official site. I also find this router a bit old model.

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    Re: Entry level Router with 4 USB ports

    I found Asus DSL-N10 on web. This router has the number of usb ports you are looking for. The benefit of buying this router is that it also has a modem. So there is no need to use two different devices. You can configure your internet line on this and you can also have the wifi connection. The overall cost is around Rs.1700. It is a plug and play router. Just connect the same and run the CD. Follow the onscreen wizard and it will guide you for the setup. You have to keep your login details ready to configure the router on your pc. If you are not having that the you have to contact your ISP.

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    Re: Entry level Router with 4 USB ports

    It is good to go with a bit better one or else there will be issue with the range. D-Link DWR-116 is the one that I found has a 4 usb ports. And it has dual antenna through which you can get a more stable range. In many budget routers there is a problem with wifi dropping. This is really annoying when you are using the internet. You can connect 4 usb dongles on the same and you can also share internet through that. It supports different usb specification. I found this one more effective compare to the other one. Just try to checkout the prices online.

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    Re: Entry level Router with 4 USB ports

    There are many models you can try out. But you have to find out the features first. For example if you are going to use 4 usb devices on that then will work well. The back end is essential here. If there is not much settings provided then it is not worth sharing. It is good to buy a high end model once and use it. I had seen some awesome routers under Asus. They charge you high but the features are quiet nice. You can use a external storage on that directly with simple configuration. And you can also manage that through remote site.

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