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Thread: Yontoo 1.10.03 problem

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    Yontoo 1.10.03 problem

    Recently when I was going through all the installed application in my computer, I found a particular program which I dont remember called as Yontoo 1.10.03. I started searching for some information for this program online and found that it is a malware. I also found many articles on how to remove Yontoo 1.10.03 from the computer but still removing it successfully, after a reboot it used to come back. So, if anyone knows a permanent way to remove this malware then please help me out. Thank you

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    Re: Yontoo 1.10.03 problem

    This Yontoo 1.10.03 is actually a part of some programs that gets installed if you dont untick it while installation. This program modifies how websites will look like to you while you are browsing internet. This type of applications can be seen in the add-ons under toolbars in the internet browser that you use. Since it is not typically a malware so it is not detected by many antivirus applications, though you can easily disable or remove it from the add-on area of the browser.

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    Re: Yontoo 1.10.03 problem

    Download Spybot search & destroy software to get rid of this type of spyware. This program takes particular care of the Trojans (Trojans), the cookies, connection kits installed without your knowledge, activity recorders (keyloggers), adware, spyware, activity traces, blocking threats of ActiveX and takes care of many other things. The application also offers two modes: a single mode for novice users and an advanced mode for experienced users.

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    Re: Yontoo 1.10.03 problem

    There is another handy tool called AdwCleaner which effectively removes unwanted software. The majority of malware installed without your knowledge and not detected by your regular antivirus will be deleted from your Windows PC by using this program. AdwCleaner is very easy to use since it will just run a scan to detect and remove reluctant toolbars, adware (advertising program) and many other things.

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