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Thread: Getting sharing permission error on Windows LAN network

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    Getting sharing permission error on Windows LAN network

    I am facing file sharing error on Windows LAN network and I am not able to find how to fix this. It was working well but just recently when I tried to copy files from the lan network. I was getting some getting permission denied error. I do not think I had done any changes in the same. The file settings were intact like before. I also tried copying files from my pc to another one and still I am getting the error. I had not able to make it work. I have to backup of lot of data. I am also not able to see all the pc in the network. There are only few of them visible. And other are just un-accessible.

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    Re: Getting sharing permission error on Windows LAN network

    File permission is the most common problem when it appear when the settings are reset. And it appears when you run system restore or when you had re-installed windows. Also when you had added a new security software in your pc like a antivirus then this kind of problem do appear. You have to just try checking out things first. Like you have to scan properly and check that there is nothing left in the system that is causing this problem. Disable your security software also and re-verify things and then try testing back. I am quiet sure it will help you in fixing the issue.

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    Re: Getting sharing permission error on Windows LAN network

    It can be done through home and sharing center. You can go in control panel and checkout. There you just have to modify the settings and done. It will start working and you wont be facing any major problem with that. But if still you are getting the error then it looks some user accounts settings are messed up due to which you are unable to access the files. To fix you can run system restore. This will reset old settings. And most of the things will work. Try creating a new user account also and modify settings through that. I am quiet sure that it might start working.

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    Re: Getting sharing permission error on Windows LAN network

    When such issue occur I go with manual way of accessing the shared folders. It is easy. You just have to type the full location on Windows Explorer and you can access the folders/files. The locate for the same is \\computer_name\share_name. If you are having a fix folder where you are putting your files then you can note down its location or you can just map the drive. This will do the work. Mapping help you to keep all the drives connected in My Computer and also you can access them anytime you want. There is no need to go in Network places each time to find the files.

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    Re: Getting sharing permission error on Windows LAN network

    There is no direct tool to reset the file permission of Windows network. I also trying to find out. I am having a windows server and there are around 10 pc in the network. All of them are having a centralized place to keep folders. And they get access on the basis of user permission. But it looks like that it is not working well. I get a lot of complain about this. Many users are unable to access the drives and they face problem. I have to reset the permission again and again. It mostly does not remain constant. But keeps on failing. So there is no third party tool through which you can manage it.

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    Re: Getting sharing permission error on Windows LAN network

    When it comes to Windows lan file sharing then you have to manually keep doing settings. I do not understand why Windows keeps on loosing the same. And you have to apply that again and again. Compare to that Linux is more stable. Because once you had done configuration things does not change here. In Windows it happens that if you had installed a new antivirus, or if you are adding some new security software then settings are modified. While in Linux once you had done the configuration it remains intact. I am using the a Linux server from past 2 years and yet I had not faced any problem.

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