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Thread: Cannot get rid of I-Cinema

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    Cannot get rid of I-Cinema

    I want to get rid of iCinema software. I am not able to remove it. I do not understand how it really got installed in my pc. And when I tried to find the removal from Control Panel > Uninstall program then I am not able to find the same. I had also scanned with a antivirus but it is not able to find this a threat. It looks like a very annoying. I had installed this software because I need a decent video editing software. But here things looks different when I found iCinema and there is no way to remove this. I had tried a lot to find out a option to remove this but it is not working.

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    Re: Cannot get rid of I-Cinema

    It is a malware. You had installed a wrong software in your pc.You have to somehow get rid of that or else it will install more things and slow down your system. So here you can start with some basic cleaning. That means you can begin with cleaning your pc through Safe Mode. You can run Malwarebytes. This tool is simple to use and it will offer you a proper way of dealing with malwares you are facing. Try removing it first. System restore is not going to help much here, but you can still try. It is always recommended to use a good
    antivirus so that this kind of problem does not come in your pc.

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    Re: Cannot get rid of I-Cinema

    This kind of freeware software are very annoying and hard to remove. It is better to use some kind of system optimizer or a uninstaller software. I hope that it will help you in fixing the issue. You can install that and scan your pc with it. And then it might automatically remove the programs from your system thus cleaning it and offering you a better speed. But if this fails to work then you have to start with system restore. And if that is not working then you have to format your pc and then try back again. I am quiet sure that is the only option to make your system work well.

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    Re: Cannot get rid of I-Cinema

    Its an adware. And it is not easy to get rid of that. I had faced this issue before but with some other software. And it is very complicated to clean the pc. I had tried removing it with various tools but none of them are working. It was shocking to find that my antivirus is also not detecting this as a threat. I had seen a lot of ads on my browser and it is very hard to surf. I am not able to find any option. So at last I just formatted my pc and installed Windows back again. And things were fixed. You can try different things here. But if this fails to work then you have to re-install Windows from scratch.

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    Re: Cannot get rid of I-Cinema

    I will recommend you to use Adware Removal Tool for PC. This tool is easy to use and has a simple way through which you can get rid of adware from your system. I had provided the link below from where you can download it and test out. This adware removal tool is easy to use and it is also impressive. It will scan your system for adwares and will clean the same. Most of this issue occur if there is any third party addon or plugin installed on your device. You can get rid of the same by removing it. It is a tiny scanner. Just test it out and see if it works and give you a proper output.

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    Re: Cannot get rid of I-Cinema

    The best tool to wipe out such software from your system is Revo Uninstaller Pro. This tool is easy to use and has option to remove most of the programs that are stuck in the system. For that you just have to install this software and you have to run it. It will scan your pc and will allow you to remove all the software.It is very easy to use and it is also effective. I am using this from long time and yet I had not faced any problem.I will advice you to try out this tool once and test back how it works.

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