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Thread: How to get rid of Trovi search in Windows 10

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    How to get rid of Trovi search in Windows 10

    I am facing issue with Trovi search on my new Windows 10 system and it is not so easy to get rid of the same. I had tried a lot to remove it but it looks to be coming again and again. I am quiet sure there will be some way to wipe it out. I had seen this kind of things which later on slow down the system and also mess up with the internal files. I am using MSE and it does not find anything. I had scanned several times. I had also scanned the pc in safe mode. I do not want to format and then install everything back again. That would be time consuming process.

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    Re: How to get rid of Trovi search in Windows 10

    You have to go in the control panel and then click on the uninstall. There you will find the Trovio Search. Just go in that and look for the search and click on the same and then click on uninstall. That's it. You can also find a few similar entries on the same like you can find Trovi Toolbar, Conduit, Search Protect, etc. It is good to remove the same and then try back again. Remove as much junk from here you want and then try back again. I am quiet sure this will start working. Instal malwarebytes in your system and then test back. I am quiet sure it will help.

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    Re: How to get rid of Trovi search in Windows 10

    The best thing to do is use a good anti-malware software and use that for cleaning your system. And keep on scanning under safe mode. I think Malwarebytes is the best one. Just download a trial edition and test through that. Malwarebytes is a very effective tool for such kind of problem. If this does not found anything then system restore is another option. But I am not really sure whether this is a effective solution or not. Most of the time it might not work properly and the virus might get restored in your system. So just try the scanning part first.

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    Re: How to get rid of Trovi search in Windows 10

    Most of these things can be removed by re-installing the browser. As they are installed in the browser like an addon and by re-installing the same it will be removed automatically. Or you can also try installing it back again by downloading the most latest version from the official site. I had done this long back when I was also facing issue with some kind of toolbar. I tried remove a lot of addons but it was still there. I finally removed the entire browser and then it started working. So you can test that once and check back.

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    Re: How to get rid of Trovi search in Windows 10

    For this kind of stuff I had seen that it is not so easy to get rid of. The best thing to do here is to go ahead and run a clean windows installation. That would help and will give you a clean system. Because there is no use of cleaning the same. It will simply come back again as it is a kind of malware. So it is better to format your pc. And install everything back again. And then use a good antivirus that would help you to keep your system protected and also block other incursion. You can try using a good internet security pack.

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    Re: How to get rid of Trovi search in Windows 10

    Malwarebytes is the best one I think. You don't really need anything else if you are having a updated version on your pc. It is the best antivirus software for dealing with this kind of problem. It is capable of scanning and removing all such threats and will give you instant support. For extra layer of protection you can try adding two things at the same time. Like a internet security pack with malwarebytes. A free antivirus like AVG or Comodo will do the job. You wont be facing any major issue in using the same. So just try scanning your system with malwarebytes in safe mode and test back.

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