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Thread: Software to manage a Windows 7 lan network

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    Software to manage a Windows 7 lan network

    I am trying to find out some software through which I can manage different pc on windows lan network. I am not able to find anything that can really work properly. I want a software which I can install on my pc and I can get the list of all computer connected with its IP address and other details. If possible the mac address also. And then I can shutdown or turn on a pc as per my need. Also if remote connection is possible then that will also help a lot. But I am not able to locate any specific options that can really work.

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    Re: Software to manage a Windows 7 lan network

    You can do that through Windows server. You can manage various windows pc on the lan network through that. You have to simply configure windows server first. And then you can use Active Directory. This will help you to create many users and then you can simply control the pc and do various things on that. You can connect to remote desktop, you can also manage your pc and control the application installation also. Just try this out and check back.

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    Re: Software to manage a Windows 7 lan network

    There are IP based scanner. But for that you have to install a client software in each and every pc on your lan network. Then it will work well. There are certain rights and permissions which are needed. Or else it wont be working well. I was using before Advance IP scanner. This scanner is ideal tool and works very well. It let you to control pc through the IP. You can also go ahead with remote desktop setup through that. There are net monitoring software also which also help you to lock pc.

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