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Thread: removing GS Supporter 1.8

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    removing GS Supporter 1.8

    I dont know how my computer got infected with the GS Supporter 1.8 virus. When I was scanning my pc with the AVG antivirus then it says that it is in my disc C or something. I went to the path and found the file but I am not able to remove it. Even after removing the virus and going back to that folder, I can still find the virus and also the antivirus still kept opening that report to me and showed me the virus. Can anyone tell me how do I remove this virus from my pc.

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    Re: removing GS Supporter 1.8

    You can download a tool called Revo Uninstaller for free to uninstall anything completely and all its traces on your computer, either in the registry or on your hard drive. Revo Uninstaller will thus enable you to keep a clean system. This will also allow you to reinstall software from scratch on your computer, regardless of the residues that were removed. Revo Uninstaller also a hunter mode to locate and remove a reluctant software that does not appear in the list of installed software. It also includes various tools to permanently delete files securely, search old files, etc.

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    Re: removing GS Supporter 1.8

    I would recommend you to download a tool called AdwCleaner. It is a free software that will allow you to make a good system cleaning of your PC and make it faster and optimize its performance. This is a very handy tool that allows you to remove unwanted programs. With AdwCleaner, you can actually remove adware from your computer, unwanted programs, and the toolbar hijacker which diverts the start page or any web browser. Very simple to use, AdwCleaner includes a search mode and delete mode. You can uninstall it easily using the "Uninstall".

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    Re: removing GS Supporter 1.8

    You can even try Junkware Removal Tool which is a program that can be used to remove all the unnecessary programs such as Ask Toolbar, Browser Manager, Babylon or MyWebSearch. In fact, these programs are installed discretely in your browser. You just have to run junkware Removal Tool and block the majority of browsers. Then wait for a few minutes and the application does the rest. This software is free and is compatible with the latest version of Windows 8.

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