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Thread: How to remove Luhe.Fiha.A, what is it?

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    How to remove Luhe.Fiha.A, what is it?

    Can anyone tell me what exactly is Luhe.Fiha.A? I am using AVG antivirus and it has identified atleast 3 of my files along with windows\installer \267c2f4.msi. The antivirus also shows that this all files are more than 3GB, so they cannot be put in their vault? When I checked with Windows Defender then it didnt show anything? I am running Windows 7 on my computer and how can I delete all this files completely from my pc, if they are suspicious? Thanks

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    Re: How to remove Luhe.Fiha.A, what is it?

    Can you tell us where exactly the windows\installer\267c2f4.msi is located, in which folder? And what about the rest of the files, where are they located? Did you try to make any changes to your pc before the problem started? I would recommend you to run a complete system scan on your computer by using the Microsoft Safety Scanner and check if your pc is infected by some virus? You can try to download the Microsoft Safety scanner from this link -

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    Re: How to remove Luhe.Fiha.A, what is it?

    Even I got the same files installed on my computer and laptop and also on the netbook where the original threat was found. The computer that I was using also picked up the file as a threat with this AVG antivirus installed with the latest virus definitions. After that I checked my old laptop which was not used for serveral months. When I scanned it first then there was no threat but after I updated the virus definitions then it picked up the same threat. So I am thinking that AVG is giving a false positive for all this files.

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    Re: How to remove Luhe.Fiha.A, what is it?

    I would suggest you to download a tool called AdwCleaner which is a free software that will allow you to make a good system cleaning of your PC and make it faster and optimize its performance. This is a very handy tool that allows you to remove unwanted programs. With AdwCleaner you can actually remove adware from your computer, unwanted programs, and the toolbar hijacker which diverts the start page of web browser. AdwCleaner includes a search mode and delete mode. You can uninstall easily using the "Uninstall" button.

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