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Thread: Diagnostic sotware which can test router problem

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    Diagnostic sotware which can test router problem

    I am not able to use my wifi connection properly and I am instantly facing the issue with it. I am trying to find some kind of diagnostic software that can help me to troubleshoot issues with routers. Like what is causing the connectivity issues. Why the network is dropping or what can be reason behind packet drop. I am having a very old dlink router which is not having much settings. I use the basic ping command to find about by net connectivity. And I am constantly getting request time out error on the same. I want some help here.

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    Re: Diagnostic sotware which can test router problem

    Packet drops are common when your internet connection speed is not proper. You have to contact your ISP for the same. Your router settings is not able to do anything in that. I am quiet sure there will be some issue with the line. Try to ping This is the default router gateway. And if you getting constant response from that then I am quiet sure that the issue is from the ISP end. You have to contact them and tell them to replace the line or fix the problem. You cannot do anything from the router's end.

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    Re: Diagnostic sotware which can test router problem

    Try updating the firmware. Most of the new router are having automated tool for that. I am not sure about the old one. In old routers there is no section for updating the firmware. But in new this is included. If you can provide the full model then I can surely provide you a option through which you can update the firmware and get a stable output. If there is some serious issue with the router then a firmware update is going to fix it and it will start working fine.

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