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Thread: getting rid of QuickShare program

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    getting rid of QuickShare program

    I am running Windows 7 in my computer and I dont remember how did this stupid program named QuickShare for installed in my system. When I am trying to uninstall it by going into the Control Panel > Uninstall a Program area then it always tries to install another program named as Linkury. Finding any information on this program on the web gives no infomation. So does this means that my computer is infected by this malware? If so then how do I get rid of this program? Thanks

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    Re: getting rid of QuickShare program

    Sometime back I was also suffering from this problem and after a lot of search on the web I found that this has something to do with the registry editor. So, I immediately downloaded CCleaner and installed it in my computer. After launching this software I went to tools and then tried to uninstall this program and it immediately got rid of this issue. So, I will recommend you to download this CCleaner software by searching on the internet to remove this nasty.

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    Re: getting rid of QuickShare program

    There are many such tools to get rid of this kind of adwares. One similar tool is called Adwcleaner. This tool is completely free and once downloaded can be used directly, without dealing with installation process. Works with all versions of Windows from XP onwards, even on more recent PC. You can easily remove any toolbar and unwanted adware programs with advertising on your computer with this software. AdwCleaner tool can easily eliminate Adwares, PUP/LPI (potentially unwanted programs), Toolbars and Hijacker (Hijack the browser home page).

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    Re: getting rid of QuickShare program

    This QuickShare program can be easily removed from your computer by using CCleaner. You just have to go to Tools and then choose Uninstall. After that you can get a few popup windows which appear to be registry errors. After that click to Close the window and continue again and it will uninstall the QuickShare program successfully. After that use the Registry tool in CCleaner to solve those errors. After the process is completed you can go to Uninstall a program and check that it is finally removed.

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