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Thread: Webcam application keeps on working in background

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    Webcam application keeps on working in background

    I am using a web camera application that allow me to add different type of effect on my screen. After turning it off I can still see the process running in Task Manager. And it keeps on appearing. It does not exit, it just keeps on working in the background. I tried to kill the process and I am getting a permission denied type of error. What is this thing. I had just downloaded this application that also added many toolbars on the browser.I removed all of them manually. I found the app very helpful in adding a few artistic effect on the screen and that is the reason I am using it. But I think this is some kind of malware.

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    Re: Webcam application keeps on working in background

    It can be. You have to try removing it from the control panel. You can click on uninstall program and remove the same. If you are getting any error on that then it means it is some kind of threat. To get rid of that completely you have to go simply boot your pc in safe mode. So that if the appreciation is working in it and can be turned off and you wont get this kind of errors. Just do that and test back. After removing it is good to use a application that is trusted. Do not just install anything. If it is a malware then it will keep spreading and the last option left is to format your pc and install everything back again.

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    Re: Webcam application keeps on working in background

    I had seen the issue on my pc before. I was trying to find a application that can provide me different type of frames for photos. I installed plenty of them. One from that was impressive and it always take me to a online site whenever I try to save photos. I tried removing it but it keep on getting me errors. The same permission denied type. At last I have to format my pc to remove it completely. Here once you can try system restore which works most of the time if the application is not a major threat. Because system restore does not worked in my case. I have to format it completely.

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