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Thread: Does for lan gaming we need any antivirus

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    Does for lan gaming we need any antivirus

    I am playing quiet many games on lan and online. And a number of time I have to install lots of lan clients. This are like game clients which allow me to connect. I want to know that does it is essential to get a antivirus for that. I am having MSE in my pc that looks like working fine. But I do not want to screw up my system with virus. I had seen a few popups about the same recently. I am trying to play a few mmorpg games that has installation. While connecting I got the virus warning. Most of this games are free. Is there any antivirus that can find and authenticate game installation. Like it can block games that are having security issues.

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    Re: Does for lan gaming we need any antivirus

    There is no antivirus like that. You have to take care on your own self. If you are using your pc for online gaming then it is necessary that you go with trusted platform. Here a full internet security pack can affect your gaming performance. That means it will block your connectivity. There you have to manually add the game application in the firewall exception list. So that it wont get blocked again. Keeping a good antivirus is always recommended so that your sysetm can remain safe from various issues. With MSE you can use AVG or any free antivirus that is good enough to give you login lasting protection. Just try out any free one.

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    Re: Does for lan gaming we need any antivirus

    I had seen a lot of issue when you turn on your firewall. I play counter strike a lot. And most of the time when I try to connect, I am getting connectivity error. I am quiet not able to figure out the issue behind this. It gets slowed down when your antivirus is on in your sysetm. And to connect I have to disable it. Many of this servers that you connect are not having any extra security stuff. They remain vulnerable most of the time. And that is why you get the warning. If you want to play the game you have to ignore the same. You can try using steam. It will offer you quiet secure lan gaming.

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