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Thread: Is MPMINISIGSTUB.EXE safe or a virus

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    Is MPMINISIGSTUB.EXE safe or a virus

    I have recently checked that there is a file called MPMINISIGSTUB.EXE application control placed in the group of Trusted Signed by the digital signature of entrusted manufacturers. After scanning my PC today I found this same file with a yellow triangle beside it. Can anyone tell me what is this MPMINISIGSTUB.EXE file and if it is not good then how do I get rid of it. Thanks for any suggestions.

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    Re: Is MPMINISIGSTUB.EXE safe or a virus

    There is a file published by microsoft by a similar name called MPSigStub.exe which usually supports in updating all the signatures. But to be on a safer side, I would suggest you to test the MPMINISIGSTUB.EXE file and see if it is perfectly signed by Microsoft or not. There are many hackers who can make a binary called doc.exe so that you can get tricked and untimately be a victim of a malware on your pc. So, just try to verify the signature of a binary before trusting it.

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    Re: Is MPMINISIGSTUB.EXE safe or a virus

    The file that is showing is an update for Microsoft Security Essentials or Defender and therefore any other antivirus installed in your pc is giving an alert for it. You can try to disable the false positive in your antivirus so that the update gets installed. You can also try to set an exclusion in the main scan - C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download\. After that disable Windows Update and then restart and then boot in Safe Mode to disable any other antiviruses startup and service.

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    Re: Is MPMINISIGSTUB.EXE safe or a virus

    Yes, that file MPMINISIGSTUB.EXE is just an update for the Microsoft Security Essentials and you should not worry about it at all. Also, since you are running a second antivirus in your computer, I would suggest you to remove it immediately. Two antivirus in one single computer often causes instability and when both try to scan your pc simultaneously then it will cause a major problem and will also reduce the performance of both the programs. So, it will be better if you use the MSE antivirus only.

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