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Thread: Unable to find adhoc network on Windows 8.1

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    Unable to find adhoc network on Windows 8.1

    There is a bit issue with adhoc network on Windows 8.1. I am unable to locate the same. Through that atleast I can share the internet connection with other devices. But this one is missing. I want to share internet through my pc on my mobile phone. I am not having a wifi connection. I use sometime the wifi on my mobile for updates. Before in windows 7 I can find the same easily and the setup was also more easy. But in Windows 8.1 this thing is missing. I want a bit help here to resolve the issue.

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    Re: Unable to find adhoc network on Windows 8.1

    It is available in Windows 8. You are just unable to find it. You can locate that in wifi setting. For that the first thing you have to do is enable Internet Connection Sharing so that you can share the connection with other devices. You can find that in Network & Sharing Center. Click on adapter settings and right click on the same. Then click on properties. Choose ICS there to turn it on and also look for Adhoc. Then you can enable it back again and use it in the same way you were using in Windows 7.

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    Re: Unable to find adhoc network on Windows 8.1

    Adhoc is not stable. You have to create a network each and every time to use the same. There is one more thing you can do. You can try using a virtual router software. There are ample of them available. This virtual router software is easy to use and you just have to turn it on. And it will activate the wifi service. This virtual router software works similar to a regular router where you get a wifi connection in your mobile phone. You can then connect to the device and get a more instant connection. You can easy access shared windows folder.

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