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Thread: computer locked after clicking on install.exe

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    computer locked after clicking on install.exe

    I was looking for some files online and came up with something that I was searching for. It was in a .rar file. So I opened it and got a file called install.exe. I clicked on it and after that it started giving me some errors and closed everything that I had opened. So, I restarted my pc and instead of showing me the desktop it started showing me some popup asking me for password with the below error:

    Window name: User Account Control
    To continue, type an administrator password and then click Yes.
    There were also 2 buttons under the text box stating as "Get Password" and "Unlock". When I press unlock then nothing happens but when I click on Get Password then it takes me to a website where i need to complete one survey. I think that my computer is compromised, so I request anyone to help me solve this issue? Thanks

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    Re: computer locked after clicking on install.exe

    Even I was facing this similar problem but after some fiddling I was able to solve this issue. First of all shut down the computer and then turn it on again. Once the screen which requires the password comes up then press alt+ctrl+del. Now click switch user but not the arrow beside it. After that click the Power Button located at the right side of the screen. Now you need to hold on Shift key and then click on Restart. You will get an option of "Find System Restore", just click on it and select the previous date when your computer was working fine. Hope this helps.

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    Re: computer locked after clicking on install.exe

    It definitely seems to me that your computer is infected by some malware. You can try to download and install free scanners like Malwarebytes on your pc by going into Safe Mode or Safe Mode with Networking. Once you have downloaded it then install and update it at the firsy run. Note that you might have to rename the installation file to 123.exe or something similar to protect the malware from disabling or blocking the installation. After that run a scan with the anti-malware program in your pc and get rid of the problem.

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    Re: computer locked after clicking on install.exe

    You can even try another tool called Hitman Pro to get rid of this issue. This is an anti-spyware program which includes automatic simultaneous use of multiple anti-spyware known as Spybot - Search & Destroy or Ad-Aware from Lavasoft. Hitman Pro is fully automated. Once the scan is started, the software automatically installs the selected options of anti-spyware, updates and checks the entire hard disk and for any presence of compressed malware files. A report is displayed at the end of the verification involving all deficiencies found, deleted or quarantined spyware, and other information about anti-spyware used.

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