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Thread: No page found error on Xampp

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    No page found error on Xampp

    I am trying to create a test environment on my system. I had installed Xampp on the same. This test environment will help me to run different demo sites. But there is some problem in my pc. After installation I have to type http://localhost on the web browser. I am getting a page not found error. I want some help to fix the same. How can I make this work. I had tried to refresh that a number of time but it is not working. I am getting the same page error message and sometime there is a security error also. How to deal with the same.

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    Re: No page found error on Xampp

    It occurs when xampp services are not working in the background. You have to simply check out the same. When you are done with the installation just launch xamp first. And then type the address. The xampp configuration page will open up. In the system tray you can find a tiny icon through which you can start and stop its various services. Just start the xampp server and sql database. Then check back. I am quiet sure this will be enough to resolve the issue and you wont get any of those errors.

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    Re: No page found error on Xampp

    If xampp is one and you are getting the page not found message then I will recommend you to re-install xampp. For page security you can ignore the error. That will come. That is a minor issue. It is right that xampp service must be pruning to use the local host. Without that you will keep on getting the same kind of error. You can try out some other local server also. There are ample of them if Xampp is not working. You can go with EasyPHP. It is a similar tool which also work in the same manner and easy to setup.

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