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Thread: AVG keeps on detecting win64/patched.a on Windows 8

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    AVG keeps on detecting win64/patched.a on Windows 8

    How to completely get rid of win64/patched.a. I am having a Windows 8 system. I am using AVG antivirus on the same. The system keeps on detecting win64/patched.a virus in the same, but it is unable to clean it. I am quiet stuck with the issue here. I am not able to figure out how to completely wipe out the same. I just keep on scanning the pc and it gives me the popup. Is this a serious problem. I want a bit help here to remove it completely. I hope it is easy to remove. I don't have to format my pc.

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    Re: AVG keeps on detecting win64/patched.a on Windows 8

    You have to find out the application or file which is infected. AVG is unable to clean that is why its keeps on giving you the same popup. It is good if you can simply scan your pc in safe mode. If avg is giving the same popup again it is better to use some other antivirus. There are ample of them available. You can try using Norton. But for that you will have to remove the old one first. Then scan your pc with the same under safe mode. This would be enough to fix the issue.

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    Re: AVG keeps on detecting win64/patched.a on Windows 8

    It is a malware and this virus itself prevent the antivirus to remove it. That is why you get this popup. There is one thing you can try. You have to download and install Malwarebytes Antimalware in your system. It is a paid software but you will get a trail for the same. Just download and install the same and scan your pc under safe mode. It will detect the malware and remove it. It will work effectively in safe mode.

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    Re: AVG keeps on detecting win64/patched.a on Windows 8

    There is one tool called as hijackthis. This tool is good for locating the list of application working in the background of your system. You can run this to generate a full log file. This log file will not only give you the list of services but also the location from where it is running. Try to find any suspicious application. Remove the same. Many time we install free games or toolbar. This brings out the infection in the pc. Just go in control panel > uninstall program and look for suspicious program.

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    Re: AVG keeps on detecting win64/patched.a on Windows 8

    It is a very nasty malware. You can't get rid of the same so easily. It is very complicated to scan and delete it. The issue with this malware is that it just replace a few windows service and it works with the same. It will not get deleted. You have to backup your entire pc data and then you can format your system. Re-install everything back again and test back. I am quiet sure that this will be enough to get rid of the problem you are facing.

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    Re: AVG keeps on detecting win64/patched.a on Windows 8

    Before formatting there are ample of things you can try. First of all you can ignore the virus. AVG will need a few restart to fix the issue. You can try some other antivirus in its place. There are ample of them. Like McAfee, or Bitdefender. Just add a good one that has a internet security features. Remove avg. And keep on scanning your pc for weeks. Slowly the antivirus will wipe out the the same easily. If nothing works then you have to format.

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