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Thread: Want help to shift modem and router

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    Want help to shift modem and router

    I have a simple lan setup. There is a model which is connected to the router through which all share the internet connection. The router has 4 hub with wifi support. Now I want to shift its place but I am not aware about the setup. Everything was done by a guy that configured the internet. I just want to shift it without messing with the settings. I had never touched the setup before.

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    Re: Want help to shift modem and router

    It is not a big deal. What you have to do is first turn off everything. When you shift that the settings will remain the same. All you have to do is just see which ports is connected where. A single lan cable will be coming from the isp which goes in modem. There will be one more cable that connects modem and router. Just see the connectivity properly and then disconnect everything. Connect them back as it was. You can use stickers to mark the cable and ports by numbering them.

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    Re: Want help to shift modem and router

    The best thing you can do is take the picture of all connection. Take picture one by one of model and the wireless connected to it. It is a good idea to use stickers so that you can mark them in numbers and then write down to which device they are connected. Then you can turn off and shift things and attach each of them one by one. If you are too confused then you have to take help from some person who is good in networking.

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