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Thread: Update driver popup virus on Windows

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    Update driver popup virus on Windows

    I am using Internet Explorer. I was checking out some sites and got a popup on the screen. This popup says to update system driver. It more look like something fake but it looks the popup is from Microsoft. I had not yet clicked on it. I am getting this a couple of time in a day. I click one exit and it take me to a new site. I want to know whether this is good or not. Should allow to update drivers. I had never seen this thing before.

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    Re: Update driver popup virus on Windows

    Those are fake popup. You will never get a update driver popup when you are working. You must skip that and install a good antimalware in your pc. This will block this kind of things. I had seen this kind of popups a number of time. Sometime you get one that you have a virus in your pc or sometime you get a popup for slow pc. Always skip that and do not attempt to install the same. Those are only flash files.

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    Re: Update driver popup virus on Windows

    It is correct. Those are free software that spread malware and virus. When you click on the popup they will force you to install something in your pc and once done your system will work very slow. There is nothing you can do. You have to format your pc to remove this kind of stuff. You must use a good internet security for blocking this kind of stuff. You can find ample of them online. Do not rely on any basic antivirus.

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