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Thread: How does Bitdefender 60 second scanner works

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    How does Bitdefender 60 second scanner works

    I just saw a Bitdefender 60 second scanner on web. It is a free antivirus. I am not able to figure out how it really works. 60secnds simply means this antivirus will scan the system in a minute and will track virus. Is this effective. Can I use this as the only security solution for my system. I am having Kaspersky and it is about to expire. If Bitdefender 60 second scanner is the best one then I wont to buy the license.

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    Re: How does Bitdefender 60 second scanner works

    It is not a full fledged antivirus. It is a scanner. It will give you good malware protection, but if you need overall protection then you have to use the internet security pack. Don't just rely on this single antivirus. If you need to protect your system from malware then it is the best solution, but there are also other kind of threats that will create issue. You can keep this as well a full antivirus pack. that will be more effective.

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    Re: How does Bitdefender 60 second scanner works

    Bit-defender 60 second scanner is a dedicated malware scanner. It can be good if you need a secondary malware scanner. It will not give you overall protection. It is necessary to use a full security tool. What you can do is install a free edition of Bit-defender and along with that you ca use this Bit-defender 60 second scanner. Both will be enough to keep your system protected from various kind of threats.

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    Re: How does Bitdefender 60 second scanner works

    It is a one time scanner. It will not give you real time protection from on going threats. It is right that if you will need a good antivirus with it. I am using MSE and AVIRA both. They work fine and there is a kind of dual protection. At one side you have a good malware while on the another side we have a good security tool that add overall protection. So better go with different security tools which are compatible with each others.

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