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Thread: Is JDI backup limited safe or virus?

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    Is JDI backup limited safe or virus?

    Well, I am running Windows 7 on my laptop and recently I saw that there was something called JDI backup limited on my laptop and I dont know what does it do. So, I was thinking if anyone can shed some light on it, whether I can run it safely or is it somekind of virus which I should not run at all. My computer is all clean without any viruses and I dont want any malicious things getting into my system. Thanks

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    Re: Is JDI backup limited safe or virus?

    You might have installed a backop software called MyPC Backup in your laptop and it is digitally signed by JDI BACKUP LIMITED. With this software you can backup all your data's on to the cloud. So, it means that it is just another cloud storage service. This software is not any kind of virus but it seems to comes under the free download softwares called as PUPs which reminds us of a malware. So, there is no need to worry about this software.

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    Re: Is JDI backup limited safe or virus?

    I think that because this software comes in the free downloaded programs which is nothing but potentially unwanted programs, so it will be best to remove them. So, try to download the Malwarebytes Anti-Malware software free version from the net and install it in your pc. After that run its full scan and select all malware that is found and delete them and restart your pc. Also, go in the Uninstall a Program and verify if the same software is uninstalled or not.

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    Re: Is JDI backup limited safe or virus?

    I had the same MyPC Backup installed in my computer. After 2-3 days I was completely annoyed by this program displaying me pop ups every now and then in the right hand corner at the bottom asking me to backup files. This file normally runs automatically at every Windows boot. Even though this software is not harmful to the pc but still it is recommended to remove MyPC Backup software from your pc and do a full system scan for any malwares.

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