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Thread: getting rid of sweetpacks virus

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    getting rid of sweetpacks virus

    Yesterday I saw a small popup ads and also a full screen ads appearing on the Internet Explorer while I was using it. Few times I am able to close them by clicking on the "x" button while other times I have to close down the entire Internet Explorer browser to get rid of the ads. The ads that were showing in the browser had a website url called Now when I am scanning with my Microsoft Security Essentials then this virus is not deteced in it? Can anyone tell me how do I get rid of this virus then? Thanks

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    Re: getting rid of sweetpacks virus

    Well, you need to go in the Add and Remove Program in your Control Panel and then find out SweetIM Bundle By SweetPacks from the list and click on it and then try to uninstall it from the list. Once you have removed this software then you will have to restart your pc to take effect. After that open Internet Explorer and go to Internet Options. Now try to enter the url of the homepage that you want instead of SweetPacks and then click ok.

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    Re: getting rid of sweetpacks virus

    You need to also remove SweetPacks Default Search from your Internet Explorer or else, whenever you will search for anything on the internet then it will use the SweetPacks search engine showing different ads again. So to remove it click on Tools > go to Internet Options. After that click on Settings and then you will see that Sweetpacks is your default search engine, to remove it, select another search provider and then click on Set as default.

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    Re: getting rid of sweetpacks virus

    If the above solution doesnt work for you then you can also follow my solutions. You need to first of all run Hijack This and then delete any entry that has sweet or After that go to your browsers settings and open start up and search for Set Pages (I was using chrome browser). After that delete any entry which has Sweet or Sweetback in it and also check all other browsers that you will see since i was able to find 2 others that were associated with malware and so I deleted them.

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