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Thread: Blocking malware from android tablet to pc

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    Blocking malware from android tablet to pc

    I am a weird problem with my system. I have a Galaxy Note 3 tablet. The tab work fine but there is some issue. It is slow. At first when I had connected that to my pc my antivirus popped out a warning. At first the antivirus stopped it, but later on it is not finding anything. I think there are virus in it. How to find and clean it completely. I think still there is ample of virus in the system. I want some possible ways to block it.

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    Re: Blocking malware from android tablet to pc

    If your antivirus has stopped detecting the same then it means there is no infection in the tablet. You must still keep on scanning. You can try scanning the tablet with different antivirus programs. Like you can use a bootable one. Which is also available online for free. You have to burn that on a bootable disc and scan your system. That is the simplest way to detect different infections.

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    Re: Blocking malware from android tablet to pc

    It is better you must backup your data and format the tablet completely. This will remove everything. It is good to use a antivirus in your tablet. That will help you to take care about the virus. There are ample of good one available. You just have to install one and scan your system with that. Like Symantec. I have this on my HTC phone. It keeps all unwanted files locked. It is very fast in terms of detecting virus.

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    Re: Blocking malware from android tablet to pc

    Android antivirus can slow down your tablet a bit. But it is effective to keep it secure from various threats. Android is the most vulnerable platform today. And it is very easy to get virus in it. So it is better that you must always scan the storage before moving files. Most of the time android malware does not effect a pc due to different platform. But some there can be virus which entered from some other system and while transferring data is moved in your pc.

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