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Thread: Can android malware cause issue on Windows 7 PC

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    Can android malware cause issue on Windows 7 PC

    I had using my tablet and smartphone on my laptop. My friend recently used my phone to install some applications. He was transferring audio and images. I think my mobile has a virus. I had connected the phone to pc and I got certain warning about blocking a file from the antivirus. I skipped that because I need that file. After a few days I got a blue screen error. And my system is working bit slow. I am unable to figure does this is due to android malware. I had scanned the phone through a antivirus which I had downloaded from Google Play. It showed me that my phone has a virus. Does that virus affects Windows also.

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    Re: Can android malware cause issue on Windows 7 PC

    There can be some different issue. Android and Windows are two different platform. So android virus do not effect windows. It is possible that your phone already has a windows malware or virus which transferred through that file. So better scan your system in safe mode using a good antivirus. Scan multiple times unless you won't get any warning. Next time never transfer a file from your phone to pc without scanning it. If anything is detected just delete it.

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    Re: Can android malware cause issue on Windows 7 PC

    I lot a huge amount of photo just because of that. My friend has capture some vacation photos. He met me after really long time and showed me the images. I connected his phone to my pc and instantly got around 100 warnings of virus. I was using Norton and it did not allowed to copy any files. Those pics are still in the phone. I am trying to pull them out but my antivirus is blocking it. I cannot even turn off the antivirus because this can cause issue in my pc.

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    Re: Can android malware cause issue on Windows 7 PC

    Just ask your friend to upload that on Google Drive. That is the best way to get rid of this security problem. You can tell him to install Picasa in the phone and sync the same with your existing Google Account. All files will be uploaded on web that can be downloaded from any location. This is the easiest way to keep your system protected from different threats. For virus it is always recommended that you keep your system protected. Or else you might also loose your important data.

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