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Thread: Does flappy bird app has a malware

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    Does flappy bird app has a malware

    I had downloaded flappy bird app from a file sharing website. At the time of installing the antivirus in my tablet popped up a warning about this app. I want to know whether it is safe to play this game or not. I had also seen on web many are saying that flappy bird app has a malware in it. How to find which is proper and which is not. What about downloading this from Google Play.

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    Re: Does flappy bird app has a malware

    You can download that from Google Play. But avoid installing the app downloaded from third party sites. This app is quiet popular and spammers are using it to spread malware in android phone. The app has infection in it which is capable of stealing person information from your mobile phone. Sometime your phone bill may carry additional charges. So just avoid this thing.

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    Re: Does flappy bird app has a malware

    That is really weird. I had downloaded on from a file sharing site. At the time of installation it did not receive any virus warning. After reading this threat I had formatted my tablet. I hope it is wiped out now. The first thing I am going to do is get a new antivirus which is capable of blocking this threats.

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    Re: Does flappy bird app has a malware

    This is not the first time. There are tons of fake app already available for Android. This apps has malware and spy tools. They capture personal information from your phone. Most of this are trying to access payment details. So better stop installing free applications on your phone. There are numerous website on internet that gives you full access to paid apps.

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