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Thread: MSE gives bluescreen on Full Scan

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    MSE gives bluescreen on Full Scan

    I had removed AVG from my system and installed MSE on it. AVG was not properly detecting any virus and also it was blocking my games. So I installed Microsoft Security Essentials. There is a new issue with the system now. Whenever I try to run full system scan it is giving me a blue screen error. It appear only when I run any scan. While it works well without that. So just for testing I added AVG back and tried to run scan. The same thing appeared. What can be the issue.

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    Re: MSE gives bluescreen on Full Scan

    The first thing you must do is backup your data. Keep it save somewhere so that if anything happens and you have to format your pc then you won't loose your data. Second run system restore. This will put AVG back. You can remove it and add MSE in it s place.

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    Re: MSE gives bluescreen on Full Scan

    Your system is unstable due to which you are getting issue. There are few things you must try out. First boot your system in safe mode and then try to run a full antivirus scan. See what in it you are getting error not. If not then there can be some damage system file. You have to run chkdsk in safe mode. This process will take time but it will try to replace damage system files from your system. This is quiet effective for various issue and makes system work properly. You can go in Event Viewer which is located in the Control Panel > Administrative Tools. You can find a brief description on the error. Post that here so that it will be more easier to give you solution. Th error gives you detail about the file which is causing damage.

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    Re: MSE gives bluescreen on Full Scan

    The antivirus first scans the memory and other crucial part of a OS. When there is a virus in the system or when the part is damage you will get instant blue-screen. It is better if you can format your system and install Windows back again from scratch. This would resolve the issue.

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