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Thread: Cheapest 5 User Total Security pack for small office

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    Cheapest 5 User Total Security pack for small office

    Which is the cheapest Total Security pack available. I need at-least 15user pack. I had not able to find anything online. What I can see is 5 user pack. I do not want to buy separate packs. That is more costly. I want a complete 15 or higher. Higher will be better because in future I have to add them on more pc. I had seen Norton offering maximum 10 pc pack for Internet Security. I need a Total Security pack. This consist of Antivirus with Internet Security.

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    Re: Cheapest 5 User Total Security pack for small office

    It is easy to find a 5 pc pack. I am not sure about higher that. The cheapest one in that is K7 Total Security. This pack comes for Rs.1135. This makes it the cheapest one in the market.

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    Re: Cheapest 5 User Total Security pack for small office

    There are three options you can go for. The first one is Protegent Pro Total Security. A 10 pc license will cost you around Rs.2600 which makes it the cheapest one. I am not able to find anything higher than this one. 10p pack will be enough I think. You can buy two of them. Among which some license will be left for future usage. The second you can go for is Kaspersky Small Office Security. It give you 10pc pack with 1 file server license also. This one is bit costly. This comes around for Rs.5400. So you can choose as per your need. Kaspersky is bit popular in the market due to its advance features. And the last one that I want to suggest here is Eset Business Security Pack. This is another 10 user pack that come for Rs.5400. It is a bit cheaper compare to Kaspersky.

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    Re: Cheapest 5 User Total Security pack for small office

    Eset is the only one that offer you higher than 10 pc license. You can buy a Eset Business Security Pack 25 PC 1 Year version for Rs.12499. this would be more than enough for a small office.

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