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Thread: removing iLivid malware

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    removing iLivid malware

    I saw this iLivid tool that was coming for free from some website so I started downloading it. But after a bit of research I saw that it was not a good software so I tried cancelling the download but it was too late and it installed in my computer. Now if I am trying to search anything in the Search Bar then all the iLivid related folders come up. So I delete all those folders but still after a search it will keep repeating back. So does anyone know a way to get rid of this virus? Thanks

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    Re: removing iLivid malware

    iLivid is a PUP type of program and it will usually install bad toolbars like seachqu, babylon, etc. So, you will need to uninstall this program from your pc. To do that click on Start and then go to Control Panel. After that click on the Uninstall Programs and then from the given list, search for the iLivid program and click on it to remove it from your pc. After that restart your computer and test again.

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    Re: removing iLivid malware

    Even after removing it from the Uninstall Program, it will still reside in the Internet Browser and you will need to remove it from there as well. So, to uninstall iLivid from Firefox, go to Firefox menu and then go to Tools > Addons. After that search for teh iLivid addon and then click on either Remove or Uninstall to remove iLivid from your browser.

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    Re: removing iLivid malware

    Also, if you check the Search providers in your web browser then iLivid will be listed there too. So try to change it with any other search provider like Google or Yahoo. If this doesnt work then click on Start and then in the search box type regedit. Now, go to the below registry entry and delete it completely from your pc:


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