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Thread: removing Desk 365 virus

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    removing Desk 365 virus

    I recently got a popup on my desktop with the Desk 365 appearing. It says that it is some kind of a launcher and when I tried to look into its properties I noticed that it is compatible with Windows XP. I am running Windows 7 and even though I didnt install it, this thing got automatically installed in my system? Does anyone know if it is a virus then how can I remove this? Thanks

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    Re: removing Desk 365 virus

    The Desk 365 software is usually promoted by other free downloadable software that you might have installed. This software will usually prompt users to install adware and browser hijackers on your computer. You can easily uninstall Desk 365 program from your pc by clicking on Start button and then going to Control Panel and then clicking on Uninstall a program. After that scroll down to find the Desk 365 software installed in your machine and then uninstall Desk 365, Yontoo, etc kind of software. Restart and then check to see the software is removed or not.

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    Re: removing Desk 365 virus

    There is a simple tool called AdwCleaner to get rid of this problem. It has a search mode and a suppression mode. It is very easy to uninstall with "Uninstall" option. It scans your computer to get rid of malicious or unwanted software like adware or toolbars. After analyzing your system, AdwCleaner offers to remove the software through a list.

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    Re: removing Desk 365 virus

    The Desk 365 software is nothing but a known spyware program. When you install any free third party applications then it gets installed as well if you dont untick it while installation. Download a tool called Junkware Removal Tool by searching it on google and it can be used to remove the browser hijacker from different browsers installed in your machine like Firefox, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer.

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