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Thread: removing reveton virus

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    removing reveton virus

    I cannot understand how did I get infected with this reveton virus in my pc. Now whatever internet browser that I use this virus seems to have locked my screen. No matter what I do I just simply cannot return to the homepage on the browser because it is locked all the time. Does anyone know a way to remove this virus from the browser? Thanks

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    Re: removing reveton virus

    Reveton is a rasonmware kind of virus that cannot be easily removed from the computer. But in safe mode you can try to remove it. So first restart your computer and then press F8 and you will get many options. Select Safe mode with Networking option and then press Enter. After that download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and scan your pc with it. It will try to remove all the virus from your pc and once completed, restart your pc normally.

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    Re: removing reveton virus

    You can even try to remove this virus via the registry editor. First boot int Safe Mode with Command prompt and then launch registry editor by typing regedit in the CMD and then press Enter. After that search and remove ctfmon.exe registry value from HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run. Now restart your pc and then download F-Secure Anti-Virus and then run a full scan with it finally to remove all the nasties.

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    Re: removing reveton virus

    This type of malware will simply ask you to buy some services in order to remove all virus from your pc which is fake. Either ways by login into Safe mode simply disable everything on the Startup tab or uncheck everything there. You can even unplug your Nic cable this virus will not launch without internet connection at all. After that run any malware scanner and remove this virus.

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