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Thread: Dns based adult site blocking

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    Dns based adult site blocking

    Want some help to block complete access to adult websites. I have to provide my client solution for this. He has a small institute which teach computer to kids. It has a continuous internet connection. Now recently he catches some kids visiting banned websites. This also manifest virus in the network. I had used a software to block the sites on a pc, but on their smartphones and tablet they are still accessing it. Is there a way to do that on the dns level.

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    Re: Dns based adult site blocking

    Try router filter. Each model and router comes loaded with advance security settings. You will have to go in that and you will require to configure the filter settings. You can block access on the basis of url, keyboard, etc. This is very effective.

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    Re: Dns based adult site blocking

    There is a way to stop this thing. Just disable DHCP from your router/modem. This is more helpful in fixing the problem. In a router when dhcp is enable and when someone knows your password, he can instantly connect. But if you hook the entire network on static IP then people will not be able to use the wifi connection. Keep on changing the password at a frequent time interval. This is more beneficial. When you assign a IP address do not provide the details to anyone. So that even after adding manual settings the internet will not work. Another great option is mac filtering. This feature also comes in router. You can note down the mac address of your system. And then add them in your router. Only this systems will be allowed to use the internet while other all are blocked. I use this in my office and it works really well. There is no problem with the same. Mac Filtering is a very effective solution to avoid unwanted internet access. Even if the person knows wifi and complete network settings he cannot use the internet.

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    Re: Dns based adult site blocking

    You can try that thing on the dns level, but you have to find out the dns ips which does not allow adult content. I do not think there is anything like that available. The best thing you can do is simply go in the router security settings and modify everything.

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    Re: Dns based adult site blocking

    I can give you the complete solution for that. You will have to change the dns address for that. Securely offer you a DNS which does not allow any kind of adult content. The DNS IP is / Add this two things in your dns section and done. And allow access to your internet connection. There is no need to configure any advance security solution. Once this dns is applied people will be not allowed to view any adult content. This is one of the best which I am also using at my home. My kids friends tries to access certain ban websites. I tried to move ahead with advance security options but that did not worked properly. OpenDNS comes with a feature called as OpenDNS FamilyShield. This also works in the same way. It is free and allow you to block all unwanted content. This is ideal for home, office, educational institution, etc. To use it you just have to create a account on and done. You will be provided the IP address. Just add that in your IPv4 settings and done.

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