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Thread: How to remove Advanced System Protector

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    How to remove Advanced System Protector


    I dont understand how did this thing come in my pc. When I checked the Task Manager then something called Advanced System Protector was running in the background. Does anyone know what is this protector and how do I remove it from my computer? When I tried to remove it from the Uninstall Program then it said something about components are running and to close it? Any ideas

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    Re: How to remove Advanced System Protector

    You will need to first of all start your pc in clean boot. So click on Start and in the Search box type msconfig. After that a window will pop-up, click on startup tab and then untick everything from their. Now try to go to Uninstall Program in Control Panel and then choose the Advanced System Protector and then uninstall it and this software will be removed now. Restart your pc adn then tick everything again in the startup tab of msconfig.

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    Re: How to remove Advanced System Protector

    The Advanced System Protector could be a malware that is installed in your computer and it can be easily removed as well. All you need to do is start Task Manager and then find the process with the name called AdvancedSystemProtector.exe and end its process. After that you can uninstall this malware by going into Add or Remove Programs. Hope this helps.

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    Re: How to remove Advanced System Protector

    There is a original software with the same name called Advanced System Protector and there is also a fake antivirus software with the same name. If you are using the legit version then you can easily find the software in Add or Remove but if it is a fake program then you need to go to the folder where it is installed and then check for an uninstall.exe file and using it remove the software.

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    Re: How to remove Advanced System Protector

    Hey addie you are right. I have original Advanced System Protector on my pc. It can be easily uninstalled if someone wants to. It is a good program that is what I feel as I am using it since past few years and quite satisfied.

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