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Thread: Windows Defender Offline wont boot

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    Windows Defender Offline wont boot

    I have recently got a virus in my pc and I have removed that successfully with the Microsoft Security Essentials antivirus that is installed on my system. But after that MSE gave me a message about cleaning the pc further and downloading the Windows Defender Offline software. So I downloaded it and then burned it on a disc. After that i inserted it in my pc and then restarted computer, but instead of booting from the Windows Defender Offline CD, Windows just goes straight to login screen? How do I boot from this disc now? Any ideas

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    Re: Windows Defender Offline wont boot

    I think that you havent changed the boot sequence in your pc in order to get Windows Defender Offline CD to boot first. So, to do the same, you have to restart your pc, and depending on your computer model, either press Del key or F2 key on your keyboard when the pc boots to get into Bios. Now check in the peripheral section and there will be an option given to change boot sequence, just click on it and then select first drive to boot from CD/DVD and then restart. Now, Windows will boot from the CD first in your computer.

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    Re: Windows Defender Offline wont boot

    I am also having similar kind of problem. Yesterday I was doing Windows Update on my computer and after sometime I was getting a message from microsoft to use Windows Defender Offline to remove some virus in my pc. After downloading this software I easily removed the virus but after that my pc is not starting at all? I tried looking for some solutions only but cannot find any. So does anyone know how to solve this problem? Thanks

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    Re: Windows Defender Offline wont boot

    Hi jacob2013

    I think that you will have to do a complete System Recovery of your system. To do that you will have to boot your pc to System Recovery Options. But for this you will require your Windows 7 boot dvd. So, restart computer and at the bios screen start pressing F8 key until you get to Advanced boot options. After that choose Repair your computer menu and then you will have to insert the Windows 7 DVD and repair your OS.

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