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Thread: Does a virus spread from virtual machine to outside OS

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    Does a virus spread from virtual machine to outside OS

    I have a query on using Vmware. I am going to setup a test environment. On my existing system where I have Windows 7. I am going to install Windows XP on Vmware. If there is a virus in the virtual machine will it spread to my existing OS. I am having some application which I am not sure whether they are safe or not. So I want to test them in virtual machine.

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    Re: Does a virus spread from virtual machine to outside OS

    There are chances of spreading because the files which are infected lies on the same hard drive. It is better to use a good antivirus to avoid any issue. A good antivirus in your virtual machine plus in your system will keep you secure.

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    Re: Does a virus spread from virtual machine to outside OS

    Everything here depends on your setup. The OS in virtual machine is simply stored in the virtual drive which remains unmounted on the existing system. That would keep you safe. The virus will only enter your system if the drive is somehow accessible in your existing system. Many people simply transfer files from virtual machine to their actual system which can cause virus transfer. It is good to keep a antivirus in the system. Now if you are using a open source antivirus then things are more safer here. Because windows virus will not work on it. But you are already using Windows 7. So there can be risk of virus infection. The first thing you have to do is disconnect your pc from your lan network and internet once there is virus infection in your system. Because that would keep the virus from spreading to other system. Keep a good internet security package installed in your existing system so that if virus transfer there are possibilities of blocking it.

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    Re: Does a virus spread from virtual machine to outside OS

    Virus do spread from virtual machine to the host. As both of them are on the same disc. But your antivirus can block it. No need to install antivirus in the virtual machine. Just keep it on in your host system, that's all.

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