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Thread: Unknown Virus disabled Malwarebytes on my system

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    Unknown Virus disabled Malwarebytes on my system

    My system is infected by some unknown antivirus. I am using only Malwarebytes here. First when I scan there was ample of virus detection. When I ran the scan it cleans the same well. But now the issue is different. Malwarebyte just stopped working. My system came pre-installed with Kaspersky which has affected the system performance. It was working really slow. I removed that and installed Malwarebyte which worked fine. But now the virus has disabled that also. I cannot do anything here. I need some help to fix my system back.

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    Re: Unknown Virus disabled Malwarebytes on my system

    Try to install some other antivirus and scan your system. That will be more helpful I think. You can download and install a free edition of AVG Antivirus. Just download and install this in your system and then update it. Then run a full system scan and then done. You can also try some other antivirus also.

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    Re: Unknown Virus disabled Malwarebytes on my system

    It is recommended to use antivirus like Norton in your system. AVG is just a basic free edition that might give you problem. Now there are some good antivirus available in the market called as Norton. It gives you a 30 day trail edition of its product with full features. You can use it free alteast for a month and deal with serious virus issue. It is one of the best antivirus according to me offering you a great way of fixing various virus issue. The antivirus scan works more better if you using it under safe mode. Because there minimum services are running. Still if you think other antivirus are not able to give you proper output, then last thing you can do is run a bootable antivirus scanner. There are ample of them available. Just burn them on the DVD and run a complete scan. The updates are added automatically. The last thing you can do is locate the suspicious file on your own self by running a tiny tool called as Hijackthis. This tool scans your system and gives you a complete information of background processes in your system. You just locate the location from where the virus is running. You have to them remove or delete the files and applications associated with the infection. This is a slow hefty process but really intact. Malwarebyte here is not a complete antivirus. It works well dealing with malware. For a overall protection you will need to either buy or install a full internet security pack. That is more better.

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    Re: Unknown Virus disabled Malwarebytes on my system

    I am using Norton Internet Security Pack 2012. It is really nice. When you buy a complete security pack there is no need to install any third party antivirus. It protects you from everything. It deals with malware, worms, trojan, etc. It also keeps your identity secure from online threats. It is really good. You must try it.

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