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Thread: problem with GetDefaultBrowserError:2

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    problem with GetDefaultBrowserError:2

    Hello all,

    On my pc, I am getting a notification in the taskbar which is telling me that Java update is available. So I thought of updating it and went on the Start Menu > Control Panel and then opened Java and updated it. After that I ensure to uncheck to install Ask Toolbar which was supplied by it. But after the installation was finished an error message popped up stating "GetDefaultBrowserError:2". I searched about this issue on the net but cannot find any information. So, if anyone out there knows what is this error then please assist me with some solutions. Thank you

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    Re: problem with GetDefaultBrowserError:2

    Have you tried to test your Java Installation to check if the version of Java was installed properly in your browser? Just go to the link here - and then click on the red icon that says "Verify Java Version". Also, if you are having Borton running in real-time protection mode, then try to turn it off because it might be blocking the read access to some entries in the registry which might be causing the problem.

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    Re: problem with GetDefaultBrowserError:2

    Well, I would say that instead of installing it from their server online, why dont you download the Java offline file and install it in your pc. Just click on this link and download the offline file of Java in your pc. Also note that you should be logged in the admin user account in order to install it without any issues. For a more guided way, follow the detailed steps given on this page -

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    Re: problem with GetDefaultBrowserError:2

    Even I was facing the same issue and after so much of research I finally found a solution. You need to go to the Java Update webpage and then simply update the same update. You might get a pop-up saying that a file is corrupt, but there is nothing to worry much, you just simply ignore it and proceed further. After that when you will get a message that you want to update it again, then say yes and after the installation is done, you can do the Java tests which will be fine on a test page. Hope this helps.

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