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Thread: How to use a wifi Router without Modem for Internet sharing

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    How to use a wifi Router without Modem for Internet sharing

    I want some help in configuring wifi router on my lan. I have around 12 pc connected on the lan. There is 1 modem, 1 router (nonwifi) and 1 switch. The modem is hooked on router and the router to the switch. All computers are connected via hub to the switch. The router act as load balance and helps PC to gain a automatic temporary IP. Now I want to create a small wifi network without touching my existing setup. I have a additional wifi router with me. My PC is working on Windows 7. Is there a way by which I can connect this wifi router to my pc only and create a wifi network.

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    Re: How to use a wifi Router without Modem for Internet sharing

    I am bit doubtful for what you are talking. A router needs a modem and it will not work without it. As you said you have a router already added on the network. Do one thing for temporary period connect the Ethernet cable of your modem to the wifi router thats all.

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    Re: How to use a wifi Router without Modem for Internet sharing

    The above solution will not work. As the question already said that the user does not want to touch his existing network setup. There is a more easy way to do that. I have the same issue. Instead of desktop I am using a laptop and it also has Windows 7. Now whenever I want to use Internet on my mobile phone, I activate the adhoc network. Windows 7 comes with a feature by which you can share the Internet connection of that existing pc.

    Mostly laptop comes with wifi connection. You just have to setup a different adhoc network with simple Network Setup Wizard and done. Remember that this is a insecure connection. I use it for a while and turn it off. As there is no password protection, anyone can use the network connection causing issue. If possible try to hook a laptop on the same. There is no need to make any changes to your network connection or adding a different hardware. This is one the most smoothest process. There are some wifi usb adapter on web. You can buy that and create a simple wifi hotspot. They are not so costly.

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    Re: How to use a wifi Router without Modem for Internet sharing

    I am using a usb wifi adapter. It is a D-Link N 150 Wireless USB Wifi Adapter which comes for Rs.799. It is cheap and easy to setup. You just have to connect the same to your notebook or desktop and turned it on. It will create a simple wifi network to share Internet connection. It is capable of giving 105mbps of data rate.

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    Re: How to use a wifi Router without Modem for Internet sharing

    Additional router can be utilized on existing lan connection. For that you will need a additional ethernet port. By default most of the desktop system comes with single Ethernet port. If you can add a additional NIC then that would be more better.

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