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Thread: How to connect another laptop wirelessly with Ralink RT2880 APSoC

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    How to connect another laptop wirelessly with Ralink RT2880 APSoC

    Hey friends, Wi5 don’t seem to helping me out anyhow. Therefore at last I am here get some help from you, heard that this place is best for getting the best needful help and also for clearly any doubts. Anyways, coming back to my topic, I have a simple thing to do. I just wanted to connect my laptop to my existing Ralink RT2880 router. The problem is that my service provider is not at all in an intention to help me out as they straight forward says that they won’t be doing it as the connection can be malfunction by me.

    Now I do not understand how the connection can be malfunction if I am the one who is going to control and use it within my own network. They are ready to give a new Ethernet connection but wifi looks like its against their policy. While purchasing the connection I connected my desktop computer with wire but now recently I bought a new laptop and just because of that reason I wanted to get wifi connect for the laptop through the same router. Please friends help me out and let me know what should I do? Why they aren’t helping me out? Is it not possible for connecting a device through wifi with the same router? I don’t want to go for another router, and however I also can’t afford it. So please try to do something that I can easily afford.

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    Re: How to connect another laptop wirelessly with Ralink RT2880 APSoC

    You can’t do it without another router my friend. It is actually possible with the same existing router i.e. Ralink RT2880 APSoC but as you already said your ISP won’t do it or allow you to do it in any case. I am sure they do have a genuine reason for it. As far as I know about this router, they are one of the most powerful amongst others. If you connect your laptop with this router through wifi, I am sure you will be able to share your internet connection with your neighbor by simply paying the amount for one connection which in other terms called as network malfunctioning. This router covers a huge area which can’t be restricted even if you try to. Having a protected password is good but as said, securities are meant to be hacked.

    I had the same problem; I had three portable devices at my home a laptop, a tablet and a smartphone. When I bought this router I came to know that I won’t be able to connect these devices through wifi so therefore I was forced to go for some other brand/model router which would suite my range and network connection. Actually we can’t ignore Ralink RT2880 APSoC because they come along with Wi5 ISPs connection. Either you will have to switch to some other broadband plan or you will have to afford another router if you want a wifi connection at your place.

    Anyways you are left with no other option but to afford another router.

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    Re: How to connect another laptop wirelessly with Ralink RT2880 APSoC

    It is possible! Yes, you can connect your laptop to the wifi with the same wi5 ISPs available router, Ralink RT2880 APSoC. For your kind information let me tell you that this router has a by default built in wifi settings which you can do it by yourself but it’s quite complicated so therefore I won’t be letting you know with all the complete steps. However you just do as I instruct, simply follow the below direction.

    • Within your laptop go to network, then go to show all connections. Now there you need to set up a new wireless local area network connection i.e. WLAN connection, you can do it in a secure unsecure mode.
    • After you set up the connection you will be appeared with a LANcard MAC address, if not then there is no issue. Just open the command prompt window.
    • For opening the command prompt window you need to first go to start in your laptop, then click on run and type cmd and press enter, command prompt will be opened. Now within the cmd window type ipconfig /all and press enter, there you might see your LANcard MAC address
    • Other than following the above instruction you need to also confirm certain things like no other external antenna is connected or installed at your place. Also the wifi mode is turned on in your desired machine. No two machines should be accessing your connection at the same time, it won’t harm anyways but that’s a good practice.

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    Re: How to connect another laptop wirelessly with Ralink RT2880 APSoC

    I do agree with the last suggestion that the above friend gave. Talking according to the ISP’s point of view, they actually do not like any user having more than one machine or devices connected to their single connection. Due to this reason many customers report or complain about unable to connection multiple systems at a time. They always suggest the users to either have a single computer machine connecting to all antenna setup or to get a direct wifi connection.

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