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Thread: How to remove SMART Check Virus

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    How to remove SMART Check Virus

    I am having a Windows 7 laptop that was working fine till yesterday but I downloaded a file named Smart Check from the internet to remove the virus from my laptop but this SMART Check didn’t remove any virus and instead increased the viruses in my computer. Already my laptop was infected with viruses and this SMART Check increased my problem. Now the problem is that I can’t remove the SMART Check from my laptop. How do I remove this virus. Can anybody help me?

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    Re: How to remove SMART Check Virus

    The SMART check is a malware. It is a virus. I also had this malware in my computer I used the RogueKiller to remove the malware from my computer. I suggest you also to use the Roguekiller to remove the malware from your computer. RogueKiller is a useful application which will scan all the running processes in your computer and kill those processes which are malicious. This software cleans the process and also cleans the registry. This software will help you in optimizing your computer and will also help you in making the computer virus free. This software will remove the SMART check virus from your laptop and will also remove the other malicious processes from the laptop and make your laptop free from the viruses.

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    Re: How to remove SMART Check Virus

    I had the same problem you are having. The virus in my computer had infected almost all the windows files and corrupted the windows. I discussed this problem with one of my friend and he advised me to use the Malwarebytes Anti-Malware software. I downloaded the the same and performed a quick scan and it found around 400 viruses in my computer. I think that you should also use the Malwarebytes. This will help you in removing the viruses and the malware. It also supports multiple drives scanning and also scans the networked drives.

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