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Thread: Concern Over Hijacked Browser

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    Concern Over Hijacked Browser

    First I would like to alert people to website and

    Although the 168 address seems to be more noticable, both show in MalwareBytes warning. I checked this and it appears to be from Russia.

    I was told to use MalwareBytes to eliminate this potential threat, but I cannot update it. The other problem: I try to use Firefox and it won't launch. I am lucky I guess to get on with IE8. It did give me "unable to access the web" warning, but I kept trying and got on. And MWB gave me option for free trial of extra protection, so I went with it. So now it always pops up warning window.

    So if I cannot update MWB's, what can I use to get rid of this bug? I hope to hear from you soon.

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    re: Concern Over Hijacked Browser

    What kind of warning message are you getting? are you getting the warning message when you are trying to update the malwarebyte or any other sites? Have you done a through scan of your system for such kind of threats? As an alternative you can try some other antivirus software as well. Norton and Kaspersky are good options to be considered.

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    I installed Malwarebytes due to my concern over a potential threat. I think it was that news bit about a virus blocking you from getting online. Nonetheless, someone here suggested I DL MWB--which I had on other machine. I have trust in it. So I got the free trial version just so I could make absolutely sure I was clean. After I rebooted, the warning in bottom said "a website is attempting to, or threatening my system. And it had website: ( was another).
    I had tried to update MWB, but couldn't and didn't know why. MORE PANIC! Again, another member here told me to shut off Essentials so MWB could update. This time it updated after shutting off MS Essentials. A sigh of relief. But I was still getting warning of above website which is from Russia. And yes, I have done a full scan of system and all appears cool at this time. But I was a bit panicked because I was nervous about this warning that various systems could be denied access because of this DNS change story. So MWB is running in background and I have not seen this website show up in the last couple-three days. I think I'm okay for now(I say that cautiously). So please tell me if this "DNS changer" story is a hoax or true.

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    Re: Concern Over Hijacked Browser

    Please follow the below steps and see if that makes any difference:

    First of all open Internet Explorer, go to Tools, then Internet Options and then Advanced Tab - from their click on Restore then click Reset and Apply / OK and close the browser. After that again open IE, go to Tools and then Internet Options and then Security Tab and click reset all zones to default - Apply / Ok, close and restart IE. After that again open IE and go to Tools, then Manage Addons (for sure disable SSV2 if it is there, this is no longer needed but Java still installs it and it causes issues - you ever update Java go back in and disable it again.)

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