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Thread: Connectivity and Transferring files through LAN cable.

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    Connectivity and Transferring files through LAN cable.

    I want to connect 2 systems in network. I am new in this field so think I have asked such a foolish question. I want to connect the system and transfer some files from one another. How can I transfer files. Only LAN cable is enough or I require the network switch. Please do explain me how to do network settings?

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    Re: Connectivity and Transferring files through LAN cable.

    You can connect the systems with the help the LAN cable and you don’t require the switch. If you are using a normal cable then it won’t work at all, you will require a crossover cable. The crossover cable connects the 2 systems. Connect the cable to the systems and in your screen it will display as connected at 100Mbps. After than got to my computer and select the drive from which you want to transfer the files. Select the drive and right click the mouse button, from the options select properties. In that select the sharing tab. Go to network sharing and security and in that put tick mark on the share this folder to network and also check on allow this network users to change my files. If you don’t check the second option then you will be allowed to access the drive but it will not allow you to copy or delete anything from that drive. Click apply and then click ok to complete the networking process. After the completion you will be able to view the drive in you’re my computer. If not then go to my networking places and in that select the view network connection. In that you will be able to see the name of the computer and the drive.

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    Re: Connectivity and Transferring files through LAN cable.

    You can also map the drive after connecting it to the network. For mapping you will require 2 system and a crossover cable. Connect the system and here are the steps to map the drive.
    • First open my computer or windows explorer.
    • Go to tools menu and select map network drive.
    • In map network drive window select the drive letter from the options available. If the letter you selected is already mapped then the shared folder name will be displayed in the folder name box.
    • In folder name box type the name of the folder you want to map. You can also browse the folder clicking the browse button.
    • Check the reconnect at login, if you want the drive to be always mapped. If you uncheck the reconnect at login box then the drive will be unmapped when the user log off.
    • If you want to connect from the different user and want to map the drive in different users profile then click on different user name, new window will appear asking for another user, enter the username and password of the user in which you want to map the drive.
    • Click on the Finish button to complete the mapping. After the complete of mapping you will be able to see the mapped drive in my computer.

    If you get any error then recheck all the information you feed for mapping. Ensure that the folder name is specified correctly, Check whether the user name and password entered are correct. Also check the network connection.

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    Re: Connectivity and Transferring files through LAN cable.

    You can connect the system through network switch. You will be needing LAN cables, systems to get connected and a network switch. Connect the cable to the PC. Select one computer work for the connection establishment process. Open control panel and then select network and internet option and then click on the network and sharing centre. You will displayed unidentified network icon double click on that. If you are having more than one network it will display as multiple network. After then select the information bar and then check on the turn on network discovery and file sharing. If you are prompt fro password, provide the password. Select the type of network you want to use private or public network.

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