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Thread: D-Link DIR-835 Wireless Router not working

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    D-Link DIR-835 Wireless Router not working

    Well recently I have purchased Dlink DIR-835 router. I was looking to setup 5ghz connection to wireless Trendnet TEW-684UB. After doing that I was browsing as well as watching TV for couple of hours. it was stable connection. though connection was faster but I was not able to get 3 out of 5 lines. There was no variation into the signal strength. All wireless dongles and STBs are able to connect without having any issue. however the main issue which is I am getting over here is that signal of router is getting weak when I have placed the router into box. There is improvement in the results once I have removed the router from the box and putting the same on the floor. But I don’t wanted to put my router on the floor. The singals are getting level up to 2.4 and 5 GHz. However there are no changes made to default configuration. It seems to be great idea if I will be able to change auto scan channels as well as auto select frequency for the redefined values. Let me know if you are having idea on this particular matter.

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    Re: D-Link DIR-835 Wireless Router not working

    Looking at the situation I wanted to ask you some questions so that I can figure out the exact root cause of the problem.
    What is the hardware version do you using? Which version of firmware is installed on your router? Where exactly router has been located? I am talking about region. What kind of connection do you using? Wire or Wireless. What ISP service do you using? Cable or DSL. Which ISP Modem do you using? Whether it is Stand Alone or it built in router itself.
    In case mode has been built in router then you have to bridge the modem. Also if you are having couple of routers in same line then you might get connection issue so check it out and let me know about the same. in order check out whether router is bridged or not you have to go for routers web page. Click on Status go for Device Info and find out Wan Section. If you are getting 192.168.0.# in WAN IP address field then it is confirmed that modem is not bridged.

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    Re: D-Link DIR-835 Wireless Router not working

    Hey friends thanks a lot for the prompt replies of yours. the DIR-835 router is having A1, firmware 1.00 as per the product sticker where as admin panel is saying it is having A1 firmware 1.01. I am using 24Mbps/1Mbps cable connection which is provided by Teksavvy via Rogers cable. The computer of mine is connected with cable to the router and it was wirelessly connected through laptop. Rest of two computers are using wireless dongles. One of them is connected with TV and it was connected through 450Mbps Trendnet wireless adapter on 5Ghz. So that it would give higher speed and there should be less interference. reset of them are using 2.4 GHz, N and G connections. I am also having Wii and TV STBoxes which are connected through wireless connection. internet modem is Motorola SB5101 without having router. I have also checked WAN settings into Dlink web interface and it was showing WAN address rather than that of local address. Hence there was no bridge.

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    Re: D-Link DIR-835 Wireless Router not working

    I think there is something to do with wireless modes. You should go for the router page and look for Setup and under that find out Wireless and go for Manual. Also you should try with single mode G or mixed G. also check and confirmed what kind of security mode do you using? Mostly people are supposed to use WPA-Personal that is WPA2/AES Only. However there are some WiFi adapters which are not having support for AES. Hence you light need to give a try to TPIK only or Auto. Another thing which I wanted to tell you that you should turn off Short GI and Extra Wireless Protection. you should go for Advanced and look for Advanced Wireless option to make the thing working for you.

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    Re: D-Link DIR-835 Wireless Router not working

    Looking at the situation I am suggesting below mentioned thing which you can try .
    • you have to turn off ALL QoS and Disable Traffic Shaping.
    • After that turn off Advanced DNS Services.
    • Turn on DNS Relay and you should setup DHCP reserved IP addresses for all the devices which are connected with the router.
    • Make sure that all the devices which are connected with router should set to obtain an IP address.
    • for TCP and UDP you have to set Firewall settings to Endpoint Independent.
    • Now you have to enable uPnP and Multi-cast Streaming.

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