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Thread: Using a single 2008 server and having dhcp failover

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    Using a single 2008 server and having dhcp failover

    I have a single server environment (2003 R2) handing out DHCP. I have a Cisco RVS4000 router facing the internet. I need failover in the event of a server failure (which means virtual duals or clusters are not an option either).

    We had a storm that blew out the server's DUAL redundant configured power supplies connected to a UPS with high joule spike rating. So, obviously, backup power didn't help, serious UPS capacity didn't help, high spike protection didn't help.

    We run point of sale systems, DHCP through Windows. Loss of server = loss of internet = loss of credit card processing = loss of customer.

    I wish to set up my EXISTING equipment to be able to handle if this happens again (No, I didn't lose the router....or the tape drive, monitor, external disk, or any of the 28XX switches connected to the UPS).

    We will be replacing the 2003 R2 server and hardware with new hardware and either 2008 R2 or SBS 2008. I wish to implement the changes during this process. We have approximately 25 workstations connected concurrently, 5 POS stations.

    Please don't suggest additional hardware unless you are buying it. I have zero dollars in the IT budget for more equipment.


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    Re: Using a single 2008 server and having dhcp failover

    Just manually taking the resource offline is not going to force a fail-over the resources in a cluster. You probably should have done some live tests with this cluster prior to going into production such as simulating network connectivity loss for one system, etc. You can also follow this way:

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    Re: Using a single 2008 server and having dhcp failover

    That's really nice, but it's actually useless. Did you reply to the wrong post? Please read MY post. I did not, and do not have, a cluster. Live testing is not necessary because I didn't have a cluster set up. I only have ONE SYSTEM.

    I would consider changing your screen name.

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