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Thread: Administration Kit with Mobile Security 9

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    Administration Kit with Mobile Security 9

    I'm researching encryption alternatives for our company issued Android phones. We as of now utilize an Administration Kit with Mobile Security 8 but I saw that android encryption isn't good to go until form 9. At what point do you suspect form 9 will be turning out for utilization with the Administration Kit? I inquire assuming that it is an extended while it should recognize an optional source of encryption then.

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    Re: Administration Kit with Mobile Security 9

    I even now have KES8 installed. I need ENCRYPTION with androids which are a headline just good to go in Mobile Security 9. I have no idea why Kaspersky could not venture to get the business side the same emphasize set as the home user, or why home users get that sort of usefulness first.

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    Re: Administration Kit with Mobile Security 9

    It really seems like encryption should've been something they were working on for the Admin kit rather than your typical mobile phone.

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    Re: Administration Kit with Mobile Security 9

    Home users unfailingly get new versions first for the reason that new versions have bugs and new emphasizes (like encryption) would have unsteadiness issues. This is something I’m confident you don't need on your portable. Business users get lifelong tested products and emphasizes. This happens with KMS in examination with KES. This additionally happens with KIS in correlation with other business products.

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    Re: Administration Kit with Mobile Security 9

    Kaspersky Mobile Security could not be administrated by Kaspersky Admin Kit, but Kaspersky Endpoint Security might be. So you are not right when you state Mobile Security 8, we as a matter of fact utilize Kaspersky Mobile Security 9.4.x.x. Concurring with this post KES for Android Kaspersky Endpoint Security 8 for Android has Encryption and Privacy Protection modules. There is new programming for government ready now and you could probably check it on: KES for Windows.

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