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Thread: Disabling Nat and Firewalls on PPPoE

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    Disabling Nat and Firewalls on PPPoE

    I could prefer to know if there is an approach to disable NAT or in some strategy to disable all feasible firewalls of the router-that are in some provisions creating me significant postpones. Since I utilize "Disable" or "Disable Firewall" on NAT I lose reciprocity, therefore I don't know provided that I could probably in whatever available method. The just thing I have done so far is to "Disable Port Scan and DOS Protection" from WAN Setup. Is there a workaround for NAT to open it like a pro?

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    Re: Disabling Nat and Firewalls on PPPoE

    Consistent with me you might as well attempt DMZ. You would be able to spot it in under wan setup where dmz need to be found and it will declare DMZ with box to sort the IP. This will do the work according to your necessity. Trust this services you.

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    Re: Disabling Nat and Firewalls on PPPoE

    The extent that I would be able to see this puts "DMZ" in "ALLOW consistently" under the Firewall Rules, thing is I at present have my location ( to "ALLOW constantly" but for "Any (ALL)" services, so I suppose it precipitates no improvement right.

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    Re: Disabling Nat and Firewalls on PPPoE

    When I go WAN Setup-> Default DMZ Server->> Apply: Then what happens is DMZ showing up on "ALLOW consistently" mode under Firewall Rules. Not all router does the same method but old dgxx could do that, most unbelievably alternate don't, so assuming that you have dmz rounded out then it need to work.

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